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Some Links

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Frank Fleming has a fun tongue-in-cheek piece on OWS at the [2]New York Post [2].  (HT Susan Kilday)

The always-engaging James Pethokoukis offers seven reasons why Obama is wrong on income inequality [3].

Here’s a short video of the great Steve Landsburg discussing the death tax – and even why the soak-the-rich crowd should oppose such taxes [4].

David Harsanyi warns against misidentifying Luddites [5].

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby is correctly and properly critical of Mitt Romney’s economically uninformed bashing of Americans who buy low-priced goods from China [6].

My former GMU student Alex Nowrasteh, now with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, reveals the errors in F.A.I.R.’s study that purports to show that America’s budgetary problems would be significantly improved by more tightly restricting immigration [7].

Finally, here’s me on dangerous political naifs [8].