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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Steve Horwitz [2] and Shikha Dalmia [3] weigh in on Ron Paul’s regrettable affiliation with paleoconservatives.

Steve Landsburg reviews Alex Tabarrok’s Launching the Innovation Renaissance [4].

And Steve Landsburg also does a fabu job evaluating Yoram Bauman’s conclusion that the study of economics makes people less generous [5].

I ask a few questions in my column in today’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review [6].

Jeff Jacoby rightly praises government gridlock [7].

My GMU Econ colleague Dick Wagner reflects [8] on the up-coming 50th anniversary of the publication of The Calculus of Consent [9].

Here’s Ross Kaminsky on class warfare [10].

Sunlight on trade ‘law’ from Cato’s Dan Ikenson [11].