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Some Links

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Two must-reads from Bob Higgs: here [2], and here [3].

New Hampshire Public Radio interviews Russ along with Jared Bernstein [4].

I’m chomping at the bit to read John Tomasi’s Free Market Fairness, forthcoming soon from Princeton University Press [5].

Here are further insights by my former student Alex Nowrasteh on the benefits of immigration [6].

In this video [7], historian Burt Folsom discusses his and Anita Folsom’s new book, FDR Goes to War [8].  (HT Caleb Brown)

Courtesy of Sam Grove, here’s an informative video on soaking America’s rich [9].

A bit wonky, this one, but my GMU Econ colleague Thomas Stratmann has a new working paper with our colleague over in the law school J.W. Verret on the law and economics of reforming shareholder voting [10].

David Henderson points us to a paper on the revenue effects of capital-gains taxation [11].

Bill Anderson weighs in on Paul Krugman’s column in yesterday’s Gray Lady [12].

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