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Some Links

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Stuart Anderson sensibly proposes mandatory national-service for New York Times columnists [2].  (Why is it that so many people, upon noticing – or imagining that they notice – a “social” problem, immediately jump to the conclusion that deploying government-directed force is the best way to “solve” that problem?  Such an attitude reveals an astonishing (1) lack of historical knowledge; (2) confidence in both the integrity and ability of political officials; and – most tellingly – (3) reality that the coercion-happy adult has an imagination no more refined than that of a six-year old.)

Shikha Dalmia exposes Pres. Obama’s calls for “insourcing” to be the economically uninformed rants that they are [3].

The brilliant Mark Pennington explains some of the problems that are posed to the political left by public-choice theory and research [4].

Industrial policy (regardless of its intended color) = picking losers [5].

In this five-minute-plus video – from the Institute for Humane Studies’s LearnLiberty project – I challenge Robert Reich’s recent assertion that the gains from America’s economic growth during the past 30 years have gone almost exclusively to the rich [6].