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Some Links

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Sallie James continues to make the case for shutting down the Export-Import Bank [2].  Her case is unassailable.  Such corporate welfare – which is all that the Ex-Im Bank is in business to distribute – is both unethical and economically harmful.

Walter Williams draws our attention to this news story about government-school officials’ obnoxious behavior [3].  To say that government-school officials are out to lunch is a vast understatement.

Writing in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times [4], Jonah Goldberg eloquently challenges the absurd notion that government can mandate that health-care be free.  Here’s an especially good line from Goldberg’s column:

It’s amazing that [modern-day, i.e., anti-] liberals and libertarians can see eye to eye on ending federal bullying on the sale of raw milk, but liberals see no threats from a federal takeover of healthcare and the transformation of insurers into de facto branches of the government.

And here’s Steve Landsburg’s take on the farce of the Obama administration’s “accommodation [5].”

Bryan Caplan on Paul Krugman [6].

The Free to Choose Network offers this opportunity to do well by doing good during this year marking the centenial of the birth of Milton Friedman [7].

Wayne Crews proposes a swap – one mutually advantageous for all but many people in the political establishment [8].

Here’s Reason’s Shikha Dalmia on Ayn Rand and immigration [9].