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Some Links

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Bryan Caplan justifiably applauds Dan Griswold’s recent article on immigration [2].

My most recent column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is an ode to the middleman [3].

I’ll be watching Cato’s David Boaz (along with other guests) on tonight’s [4]Stossel [4].

Shikha Dalmia has a more sober – i.e., more realistic – take on the alleged ‘success’ of the recent U.S. government bailout of General Motors [5].

Steve Landsburg corrects some of Thomas Nagel’s misunderstandings of economics [6].

My former GMU colleague (now at George Washington Univ.) Susan Dudley is quoted in this recent essay in The Economist on how regulatory-measurement rules are (surprise!) being manipulated for political purposes [7].

Michael Greve (with help from CEI’s Fred Smith) asks if there’s a constituency for freedom [8].

I’m with Mark Perry, but let’s go the full way and end the prohibition on voluntary market sales of transplantable human body organs such as kidneys [9].