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Some Links

Tweet [1]

The good folks at the Pacific Legal Foundation have won an important victory over bureaucratic tyranny [2].  In this particular instance, it’s a victory before the U.S. Supreme Court and over a species of officiousness as practiced by the E.P.A.  (See here [3], too.)

Here’s a video of a talk that George Selgin recently delivered in DC on the origins of the Fed [4].

Steve Landsburg poses to Uwe Reinhardt some taxing questions [5].

Free The Pill! [6]

To Tad DeHaven’s question, I answer “Yes!” [7]

One of my son’s favorite books is Ender’s Game.  I’m relieved that it isn’t porn [8].

Speaking of good reads, George Will rightly describes [9] Virginia Postrel’s 1998 book The Future and Its Enemies [10] as “the best book for rescuing the country from a ruinous itch for tidiness.”  (I should read Virginia’s book again, for it made a huge – and positive – impact on me [11] when I read it soon after its release.)

Finally, the always-insightful Bob Higgs [12].