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Some Links

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My GMU colleague Tom Hazlett is the man when it comes to the economics of telecommunications.  Here’s Tom’s latest essay in Barron’s [2] – which concludes:

Regulators may not know it, but telecom competition is alive and well—without their help.

Over at EconLog, Arnold Kling offers another important lesson in the art of data interpretation [3].

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer is none-too-impressed with the Obama administration’s free-lunch economics [4].

Washington Post columnist George Will writes again on the prospects of legalizing at least some currently prohibited drugs [5].  (See also – and also from the Washington Postthis related op-ed by Mary Speck [6].)

Rebekah Rast writes about “Obama’s quixotic wind program. [7]

CEI’s Wayne Crews discusses the government’s unfortunate antitrust action against Apple [8].

Here’s the New York Times on Tyler Cowen on food. [9]

Arthur Brooks is right: the free market isn’t merely more efficient than alternatives, it is morally superior [10].

Antony Davies, Bruce Yandle, Derek Thieme, and Robert Sarvis review the U.S. experience with fiscal stimulus [11].

Finally – and I’ll announce this event again within the next few days – my colleague Larry White will discuss his new book The Clash of Economic Ideas at the Mason Inn (on GMU’s Fairfax campus) starting at 4:00pm on April 25th [12].