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Some Links

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David Henderson properly applauds Bob Murphy’s analysis of William Nordhaus on the science of global warming [2].

Juan Carlos Hidalgo looks at French “austerity [3].”

Marian Tupy looks [4] at the Mayans Club of Rome’s latest end-of-the-world prediction.  (And I – here [5], and here [6] – discuss different aspects of capitalism, politics, and the environment.)

Here’s a short video of the great Johan Norberg on Europe’s woes [7].

Bob Higgs explains why [8] “In politics and government, however, the institutional makeup fosters hatred at every turn.”

Raghuram Ragan has an uneven, but ultimately worthwhile, essay in the May/June 2012 issue of [9]Foreign Affairs [9].  I agree, for example, with the following line (although I’d delete the word “equally”): “In fact, today’s economic troubles are not simply the result of inadequate demand but the result, equally, of a distorted supply side.”  Shortfalls in demand, in my estimation, are more the consequence, rather than the cause, of the problem.  John Cochrane – from whom I learned of Ragan’s essay – discusses it in detail [10].

Carpe Diem’s Mark Perry wonders why speculators aren’t being feted as heroes for their role in reducing oil prices [11].