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Some Links

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My GMU colleague Todd Zywicki, from over in the law school, has a new paper (with James Sherk) on the costly and crony-capitalist rule-breaking auto U.A.W. bailout [2].

Tomorrow (Thursday) night, NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams will feature a report on some of the good, life-saving work done by very real heroes of mine: Chip Mellor and his team at the Institute for Justice [3].  There is no civilized excuse for existing government restrictions on free-market commerce in bone marrow, kidneys, and other life-saving organs.

Jarrett Skorup challenges proponents of minimum-wage legislation [4].

Here’s timeless (!) macroeconomic wisdom from Roger Garrison and Gene Callahan [5].

In my latest column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, I discuss the difference between money and wealth [6].

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby discusses some of economist John Goodman’s work on how health-care would be supplied better the freer is the market for such care [7].

Reason’s Matt Welch is understandably mystified by David Brooks’s weird fetish for authority figures [8].  (Be sure also to read the link that Matt supplies to a related essay by Radley Balko.)

Doug Bandow rightly calls for an end to the FDA’s power to dictate what medicines Americans are allowed to buy [9].