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Some Links

Tweet [1]

The great Bill Easterly comments on America’s ‘decline’ and China’s ‘rise [2].’

Sheldon Richman asks if virtue is possible without freedom [3].

Daniel Freedman visits Athens [4].

Deirdre McCloskey weighs in [5] on John Tomasi’s new book, Free Market Fairness [6].  (The entire symposium on John’s book, over at Bleeding Heart Libertarians [7] – of which Deirdre’s post is only one contribution – is well worth reading.)

Sometime in the mid-1990s, Karol and I met Rodney Hide and his wife for a wonderful dinner in New Orleans.  (Our mutual friend Roger Meiners introduced us.)  I’m not at all surprised by Rodney’s wisdom [8].

John Cochrane reviews John Taylor’s First Principles [9].

Bob Higgs is inspired by the late and under-appreciated economist Kenneth Boulding [10].

Jonah Goldberg ponders compromise [11].