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Some Links

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If you truly care about the future, you should advocate lower capital-gains taxation.  Steve Landsburg, writing at Time.com, explains why [2].

And a hat-tip to Steve for alerting me to this superb post by Greg Mankiw on the foolishness of the brouhaha over the fact that uniforms for the 2012 U.S. Olympic athletes are stitched together in China [3].

Mike Munger offers further and unintentionally humorous evidence that modern-day environmentalism is a religion – a new-agey religion, to be sure, but a religion nevertheless [4].

Mike Rappaport serves up insight on the U.S. Constitution’s “Necessary and Proper” clause [5].

Mark Steyn shares my loathing for Woody Guthrie’s song “This Land Is Your Land. [6]

Mark Perry brilliantly explores a new angle to Pres. Obama’s absurdly collectivist notion that successful business people – people who earn their success in the market – are not individually responsible for their success [7].

Bob Ewing explores what happens when occupational licensing interferes with free speech [8].