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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Roger Bate explains some of the connections between a country’s level of economic development and its citizens’ health [2].

Steve Chapman weighs in wisely on off-shoring [3].  As does Bart Hinkle [4].

Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson reports some encouraging news about income mobility in the United States [5].

Mark Perry (through Roger Pielke) shares a spot-on cartoon on cronyism [6].

Mark also pokes appropriate fun at Sen. Chuck Schumer and others now hawking imbecilities about the country in which uniforms for 2012 U.S. Olympic athletes were stitched together [7].

Larry Reed (from 2000) argues against taxing e-commerce [8].

Art Carden offers some economics memes [9].

Jim DeLong ponders the consequences of a ‘living constitution. [10]