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Some Links

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Matt Mitchell, one of my colleagues at GMU’s Mercatus Center, weighs in on the mischief and resulting maladies of cronyism [2].  (Speaking of cronyism, I wish that I could share in Jonah Goldberg’s optimism that conservatives are becoming more ideologically principled in their support for free markets [3].)

Steve Horwitz also has valuable things to say about cronyism [4].

Wendy McElroy reflects on the institutions of freedom [5].  (HT Walter Grinder)

Think that the prices of food and fuel are unnecessarily higher than they should be?  Richard Rahn explains why you’re correct to think so. [6]

Although written in 1998, this essay by Sue Blevins is a sobering reminder that friends of genuinely free markets ought not put much hope in the Republican party [7].

My friend and former NYU classmate Sandy Ikeda adds his insights [8] to the explanation of why Pres. Obama and Elizabeth Warren are mistaken to suppose that, because government does X which (we can presume for argument’s sake) is beneficial to private entrepreneurs, then successful private entrepreneurs somehow owe a special, open-ended debt to government.

Here’s John Stossel on the riot of legislation that engulfs us [9].

Spending other-people’s money and the crisis in Greece: The Economist has some plane facts [10].