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Some Links

Tweet [1]

William Poole, former President and CEO of the St. Louis Fed, shares his expert thoughts on QE3 [2].

Speaking of QE3, George Selgin further elaborates his concerns in this response to Scott Sumner [3].

Speaking of which, my GMU Econ colleague Larry White asks, in this video, should we end the Fed? [4]

David Henderson’s thoughts [5] on Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” remark overlap somewhat with those of Julian Sanchez [6].

Jacob Sullum appropriately celebrates the late Thomas Szasz’s “uncompromising dedication to individual freedom and responsibility. [7]

Bjorn Lomborg tells a fracking good story! [8] ¬†(People who are especially fearful of CO2 emissions should be especially happy with hydraulic fracturing – or “fracking.”) ¬†Mark Perry, of course, agrees (even if David Letterman does not [9]).

Speaking of Mark Perry, he points us to this wonderful video, from 1978, of Milton Friedman discussing trade [10].

I strongly suspect that Alex Tabarrok is correct regarding the current state of patent protection [11].