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Some Links

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Ball State economist Cecil Bohanon and GMU Econ grad student Brandon Pizzola study tax incidence [2] – that is, they study here how the burdens of taxes are actually distributed (as opposed to how the legislation that imposes taxes say the burdens will be distributed).

In my latest Pittsburgh Tribune-Review column, I discuss some of the dangers of monopoly control of the money supply [3].  (Speaking of which, here’s a related paper by Pete Boettke and Daniel Smith [4].)

And, also, Sheldon Richman has wise words along these lines [5].

David Henderson asks: What about the bottom 1 percent [6]?

This past Thursday morning, on WGMU radio, my GMU student John Hill and I discussed government debt [7].

Will Wilkinson reflects on Conor Friedersdorf’s recent reflections on Barack Obama [8].