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Some Links

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Sandy Ikeda argues persuasively that the case for free markets cannot be solidly built on the myth – however analytically convenient that myth might be for some purposes – of [2]homo economicus [2].

Don’t tread on my – or Kendra St. Clair’s – right to own firearms [3].  (HT Walter Williams)

John Goodman (with inspiration from John Cochrane) has a far better idea than that which is embodied in Obamacare for dealing with pre-existing conditions [4].

Bart Hinkle (with inspiration from Bob Higgs) gives a potent example [5] of the wisdom of James Madison’s warning that (to quote the line that leads Bart’s essay) “Free men must guard against the old trick of turning every contingency into a resource for accumulating force in government.”  (Note that Madison issued this warning long before Rahm Emanuel gave it modern salience [6].)

Garett Jones makes a solid case for the Electoral College [7].

Jason Brennan on China [8].

Arthur Foulkes on the happy effects of free trade [9].