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Some Links

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John Cochrane evaluates Christina Romer’s recent case – as presented in the New York Times – that stimulus spending worked to improve the economy’s health [2].

David Boaz evaluates Thomas Friedman’s nanny-state-on-steroids assertion that Michael Bloomberg is “the most pro-life politician in America. [3]

Mark Perry contributes again to the case that (save perhaps for the recent recession years), America’s middle class continues to prosper [4].

Inspired by Nicholas Eberstadt’s new book – A Nation of Takers [5] – George Will argues against the the rising ethos that applauds (or at least is indifferent toward) the economic mugging of future generations [6].

Sallie James rightly calls out G.O.P. hypocrisy regarding that obscene monument to crony capitalism and corporate welfare, the U.S. Export-Import Bank [7].

Reflecting on some of the psychological effects of drone warfare, Cafe patron Dean Carroll asks that I post here again my short 1994 essay “Losing Touch. [8]”  Happy, of course, to oblige.  (Re-reading this 18-year-old essay today, I see that I’ve become even more skeptical of politicians than I was back then.  This fact – whether it represents an improvement or not in my analyses or wisdom – doesn’t change the point of the essay.)