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Some Links

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In today’s New York Times, Aaron O’Connell wisely warns against the pernicious, creeping “permanent militarization of America. [2]

Bryan Caplan on why too many people are – even without knowing it – closed-minded [3].

Pete Boettke on some weaknesses in market monetarism [4].

Diana Furchtgott-Roth on the flaws in the new study (by the American Association of University Women) on the pay-gap between men and women in the U.S [5].  It bears repeating: if such a pay gap as the AAUW finds is real, then no one should waste time writing about it.  Instead, those people who believe that this pay gap is real should – and could, quite easily – make a fortune by exploiting it: start businesses that hire women at wages closer to the value that women add to their employers’ revenue streams.  Not only will such new businesses themselves soon result in a closure of the pay gap, but the business owners – having made huge profits on other employers’ consistent stupidity or intransigent small-mindedness – will have large pots of $$$ to devote to their favorite “Progressive” causes.

And here’s Christina Hoff Sommers on the same pay-gap study [6].

George Will on ballot questions other than the one asking which “prancing pony” (to steal Yevdokiya Zagumenova’s apt description) will harass us from the Oval Office until January 20, 2017 [7].  Will introduces his discussion of these other ballot issues perfectly:

Tuesday night, as returns reveal whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney has the smaller gigantic number of Americans not wanting him to be president, notice other indexes of political change:….

John Goodman rightly is less-than-impresed with Paul Krugman’s knowledge of history and of even some of the most basic facts of health-care markets and institutions. [8]

Over at the IEA’s blog, Steve Horwitz weighs in against regulations prohibiting “price-gouging. [9]”  (HT Yann Nicholas)