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Some Links

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Bryan Caplan tells the story of opera tenor Joseph Schmidt [2] (1904-1942) – a man elevated by market forces only to be murdered by political ones.

Does economic science demonstrate that the top marginal income-tax rate in the United States today should be 73%? [3]  (HT Greg Mankiw)

Sheldon Richman – now at his new home at the outstanding Future of Freedom Foundation – discusses competition [4].

Thomas Sowell discusses the perversity of ‘diversity [5] in his review of Richard Sander’s and Stuart Taylor’s Mismatch.  (HT Walter Williams)

And here’s a related, very thoughtful essay by Stephen Asma [6].  (HT Peter Minowitz)

Marty Mazorra yet again uses his unique talents to celebrate the liberating force that we call “trade. [7]