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Some Links

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My close friend now for more than 30 years, George Selgin readily takes my hint to weigh in (at Free Banking) on Sheldon Richman, Scott Sumner, and Cantillon effects [2].  As always, George is deeply insightful and lively.

The headline of this NPR report speaks volumes about the (lack of) wisdom of enabling people to spend other people’s money [3].  (HT Chris Meisenzahl)

Check out this terrific discussion between Gerry Ohrstrom and Matt Ridley; it’s on economics and ecology [4].

Here’ a new blog that I’ll follow [5].

Marty Mazorra pokes gentle fun at Paul Krugman, Nancy Pelosi, and others who suggest that paying people not to work is a sound means of creating more paying work [6]…. On which, see Casey Mulligan’s new book [7] (which I’ve just started to read).

John Goodman writes [8]: “Something else is odd about the sociology of the anti-inequality crowd. They seem to be unfazed by inequality created by government.”  (Here’s a related post [9].)

David Henderson warns against the commission of a common, but foolish – not to mention impolite – error [10].

Keynesianism is a gussied-up rendition of the man-in-the-street’s fallacious focus on spending as being the principal driver of economic activity.  John Papola correctly understands this fact and rightly – and most entertainingly! – ridicules it [11].  Bob Murphy weighs in – here [12], and here [13].