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End the Idiotic, Futile, Costly, Hypocritical, Corrupting, Degrading, Lethal, and Immoral ‘War on Drugs’

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Reason’s forthcoming movie on the horror that is the war on drugs war on people who peacefully use intoxicants that influential busybodies disapprove of will be great.  (HT Mark Perry)

UPDATE: Here’s a related post from 2011 [2] – with a link to a Freeman column of mine, from years ago, entitled “Break this Vile Addiction.”  Anyone who supports the so-called ‘war on drugs’ unavoidably (if unawares) also supports gestapo-like police tactics that are a natural consequence of government waging such a war.

Are the horrors unleashed by drug warriors – not only on actual and potential users of substances declared legislatively to be ‘unlawful,’ but also on innocent men, women, and children – conceivably outweighed by whatever benefits this war might bestow?