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Some Links

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Bryan Caplan follows up his superb post on David Card, minimum-wage legislation, and immigration [2] with this response to a critic of that post [3].  (Bryan says – and says far better – in his response much of what I aimed to say in this post [4].)

Also at EconLog, David Henderson reminds us of some important and impressive historical work – specifically here on one of Herbert Hoover’s taxing interventions that helped to put the “Great” in the Great Depression – by Bill Lastrapes and George Selgin [5].

In this 19-minute-long video, Matt Ridley explains that the earth is getting greener and more habitable – and it’s because of market-driven economic growth [6].

Henry Manne and Richard Rahn, writing at Forbes, worry about inflation, as well as about what are almost sure to be government-officials’ devious and dishonest reactions to it [7].

In this working paper, one of my eminent colleagues, Dick Wagner, discusses the vitality of the Virginia School of Political Economy [8].

Bruce Yandle discusses the Sequester Shut-Down Show [9].

Steve Landsburg weighs in on Sen. Rob Portman’s recent change of heart on gay marriage [10].

Here’s Bill Shughart on the unfortunate effects – on both the price of food and on the environment – of Uncle Sam’s ethanol mandate [11].