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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Check out the video interviews here (in this Free Market Series) [2].  So far I’ve looked at only one of them – an outstanding interview with the great Tom Palmer [3] – but I’m confident that all of these videos are worthwhile.

In another video, PERC’s Terry Anderson discusses property-rights approaches to conserving water [4].

I love it when Sarah Skwire has her muse on [5].

Dwight Lee reviews Michael Sandel’s What Money Can’t Buy [6].

Here’s Bjorn Lomborg’s take on “Earth Hour. [7]

The Heritage Foundation’s Bryan Riley understands the absurdity of worrying about the abstract artifact of artificial distinctions called “the trade deficit. [8]

David Henderson, over at EconLog, discusses Wal-Mart with a high-school student [9].