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Some Links

Tweet [1]

John Taylor offers wise advice [2] – I’d call it an expression of “Hayekian-Friedmanite-Buchanesque wisdom” were that term not so clunky – on rules in general, and on monetary policy specifically.  (The need for Taylor to offer such advice is, I dare say, further evidence in support of my hypothesis, expressed earlier today [3], about a foundational belief of champions of discretionary and powerful government.)

Speaking of John Taylor’s wisdom, here’s more [4].

Here’s wisdom from Bryan Caplan [5].

The urbane Troy Camplin [6].

My interest in methodology has waned – which is not to say that my belief in the importance of sound methods – and, hence, in the importance of sound and systematic study of methods (that is, methodology) – has diminished (for it has not).  But because long ago at NYU I took a course in methodology from the great Fritz Machlup, this paper by Gabriel Zanotti and Nicolas Cachanosky grabs my attention [7].  I’m likely to read it soon.

I second the advice offered here by Frank Stephenson – and, indeed, would extend it to politicians of all ranks and parties [8].

I also second the sage advice offered by Richard Rahn: privatize nearly everything in sight [9].

Here’s Jerry O’Driscoll’s remembrance of Armen Alchian [10].

Finally, here’s a snippet of a talk that I gave last Monday at Middle Tennessee State University [11] – the undergraduate alma mater of Jim Buchanan [12].