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Some Links

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George Will is right that Barack Obama is right (if duplicitously so) on the question of whether or not Uncle Sam should intervene in Syria [2].  Here’s his conclusion:

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton [3] said “it is in our DNA” to believe “there are no limits on what is possible or what can be achieved.” Obama seems to know better. Certainly his confused — or perhaps calculatedly confusing — words about red lines serve his policy of sensible caution.

George Selgin writes about Dick Timberlake’s new book, Constitutional Money [4].

Bob Murphy calls Paul Krugman out on the latter’s (in Bob’s apt words) “botched inflation call [5].”

Advocates of deploying behavioral-economics to inform government policies should agree with Jonah Goldberg that income-tax-withholding is a scheme that – because it psychologically misleads taxpayers into thinking that the burden they bear from income taxation is lighter than it really is – we can and should do without [6].

Art Carden – now guest blogging at EconLog (yes!) – reflects on May Day, economics, and Deirdre McCloskey’s research on bourgeois dignity [7].

Mark Perry explains why a gas tax on mileage is a very bad idea [8].

Tyler Cowen reflects on some reflections on the Oregon Medicaid study [9].