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Some Links

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Thursday at 2:00pm – GMU Fairfax’s Johnson Center Cinema – my colleague Chris Coyne along with panelists including Bob Higgs discuss Chris’s new book,  [2]Doing Bad by Doing Good [2].

And now to a topic much in today’s news….

David Brooks writes eloquently about immigration reform [3].

My GMU Econ colleague, along with Fresno State’s Nathan Smith (a GMU Econ Ph.D.) and the Center for Immigration Studies’s Steve Camarota, are interviewed on open borders at HuffPost Live [4].

My former GMU student Alex Nowrasteh is understandably unimpressed with the Heritage Foundation’s much-ballyhooed report that immigrants are destined to be a huge fiscal burden on Americans [5].

And several days ago Alex discussed a related issue [6].

Jim Pethokoukis weighs in wisely on the Heritage immigration study [7].  (HT Alex Nowrasteh)