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Some Links

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Diana Thomas (who, I’m proud to say, earned her PhD at GMU Econ) explains the median-voter theorem in this video from LearnLiberty:

Richard Rahn explains the prosperity-producing powers of liberating markets from state intervention [2].

Paul Jacob’s common sense tells him that the IRS should be abolished [3].  I agree.  (HT Kerry Dugas)

Go figure: The Wealth of Nations is number 4 on this week’s Washington Post best-seller list under non-fiction paperbacks [4].  (HT Jim Bennett)

Bob Murphy explains the economics of Bitcoin [5].

A worthwhile blast from the past: Radley Balko asks if a large number of obese citizens justifies obese government [6].

John Lott explains why gun control is more difficult than ever [7].

John Goodman explains what Paul Krugman doesn’t know about health-care [8].