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Some Links

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Richard Rahn explains some deleterious effects of Uncle Sam’s greedy hand [2] (with apologies to Amity Shlaes [3]) on foreign investment – and, hence, on the creation of capital – in the United States.

Will Wilkinson weighs in on Michael Lind’s bad argument against libertarianism. [4]  As does Ron Bailey [5].  (HT Matt Welch, who weighs in on E.J. Dionne’s bizarre hip-hip-hooray for Lind’s essay [6].)  Oh, and also Roderick Long weighs in here [7].

David Henderson warns government against crying wolf [8].

Cato’s David Boaz would laugh at Uncle Sam’s “rural industrial complex” were it not so wasteful and saturated with rent-seeking privileges [9].

Steve Landsburg finds good reason to be even more horrified by the deceitfulness and partisan, political grandstanding of some U.S. Senators and prominent pundits [10].  And here’s Bob Murphy’s reaction to the episode [11].

For all of you profit-lusting greedy capitalists hoping to make a killing by exploiting the inexplicable failure of all other profit-lusting greedy capitalists to make a killing by buying something unquestionably worth but currently selling at a price of X/1.3 (or X/1.2, or X/1.4, or whatever – some price lower than X), this video from the Independent Women’s Forum has some discouraging news for you [12].  (Mark Steckbeck’s information for you greedy capitalists looking for an obvious, easy-to-make buck is no more encouraging [13].)

Benjamin Zycher looks back on California’s Proposition 13, 35 years later [14].