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Some Links

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The discussion about Bastiat continues over at Liberty Matters [2].  The discussants are Robert Leroux, David Hart, Mike Munger, and myself.

My Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy explains that, yes, we do have a debt problem. [3]

Tim Worstall weighs in on the DC City Council’s obscene hassling of Wal-Mart [4].

David Friedman is reading Deirdre McCloskey’s great 2010 volume, Bourgeois Dignity. [5]

Jim Epstein writes about the unfortunate, unnecessary, and dangerous action by government to shut down the Fung Wah bus company [6].

Bob Murphy is no fan of the macroeconomics of [a certain economist; I don’t want to spoil it] [7].

J.J. asks that I link to this long-ago post of mine on self-interest [8].

Cato’s David Boaz reads Jonathan Martin’s review of Robert Kaiser’s new book,  [9]Act of Congress [9].  Here’s a slice from David’s Cato@Liberty post:

What struck me was that both of these very knowledgeable Washington journalists seem very clear-eyed about the deficiencies of the legislative process, and yet their understanding doesn’t cause them to question the idea of having government manage every facet of our lives.

Belatedly – 11 days too belatedly – Russ and I wish Leonard Liggio a Happy 80th birthday.  Here’s Steve Horwitz on Leonard [10].