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Some Links

Tweet [1]

My former GMU Econ colleague – and now Professor of Economics at Chapman University – Vernon Smith reflects upon education and learning [2].

Alvaro Vargas Llosa offers some wise thoughts on immigration policy. [3]

Simon Lester and K. William Watson offer some wise thoughts about free trade and the environment [4].

Rich Vedder explains why Pres. Obama’s scheme for making college more affordable will make college less affordable [5].

Speaking of Rich Vedder, here’s an article in the Wall Street Journal¬†about him and his work on the economics of education. [6] ¬†(HT W.E. Heasley)

Cato’s Sallie James again explains the absurdity of Export-Import Bank cronyism [7].

My GMU Econ colleague and dear friend Walter Williams has no patience for politically correct presumptions and indoctrinations [8].