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Some Links

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Richard Epstein explains why the new S.E.C. rules requiring corporations to disclose information on CEO pay compared to the pay of ordinary workers in that corporation are likely to be harmful [2].

Last week I mentioned [3] the superb Mercatus Center event entitled “Why Is There No Milton Friedman Today?”  Videos of that event now available [4].  (HT Ladan Nowrasteh)

Also from my friends and colleagues at the Mercatus Center is this fine new paper by Buena Vista University econ prof Jeremy Horpedahl and GMU econ grad student Harrison Searles entitled “The Tax Exclusion for Retirement and Pension Plans. [5]

Bryan Caplan is on a roll lately with great posts.  Here’s his careful and critical response to Jason Sorens’s oddly weak argument against growth in the human population [6].

My colleague Pete Boettke, with some help from Milton Friedman, explores the mystery of the mundane [7].

David Friedman offers a belated response to Brad DeLong’s criticisms of Friedman’s analysis of the viability of a stateless society [8].