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Some Links

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What cities on the globe today have the worst air pollution?  If you think of advanced industrial capitalism as a great polluter, this link should cause you to re-think [2]. (HT Tyler Cowen)

David Henderson challenges James Pethokoukis [3].

David Friedman understands that politicians have their priorities [4].

The Pope Center’s Jane Shaw is inspired by the late Ronald Coase’s (and Ning Wang’s) book to ponder education policy [5].  (BTW, here’s Jane’s review of that book [6].)

Bob Murphy correctly suggests that the case for government provision of roads is no where near as strong as some people – even some market-oriented people – believe it to be [7].  Regarding government provision of infrastructure: if that infrastructure in America today really is “crumbling” as almost everyone today believes, doesn’t that fact further weaken the case for government provision – and strengthen the case for private provision – of roads and bridges?  Speaking of infrastructure …

… here’s Cato’s Chris Edwards on crumbling bridges in the U.S [8].

Although a spoof, this very short Heritage Foundation video on Obamacare is not far off the mark of what will likely be the unpleasant reality of that piece of egregious social engineering [9].

George Will explores the similarities between Obama and the Tea Party [10].  I especially like the opening sentence:

Much is wrong with Washington these days, including much of what is said about what is wrong.