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Some Links

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My GMU Econ colleague Dan Klein – whose excellent 2012 book, Knowledge and Coordination, is now out in paperback [2]reflects on the value of reflecting deeply on Adam Smith’s moral reasoning [3].  (See also this paper by Dan [4].)

Randal O’Toole explains how today’s fetish for “sustainability” makes our world less sustainable [5].

And yet, as this new and wonderful initiative – HumanProgress.org [6] – from the Cato Institute shows, “the state of humanity is improving.  Fast.”  Indeed it is, despite all the rent-seeking, cronyism, economic ignorance, and hubris-fraught intellectuals forever subjecting innocent people to their schemes for engineering human society into better states.

George Will reports on yet another example of Uncle Sam run amok [7].

Ricardo Hausmann explains the importance of tacit knowledge – and draws policy lessons for immigration and foreign investment [8].  (HT Tyler Cowen)

Over at Division of Labour, Frank Stephenson gently chides Joe Stiglitz for failing to appropriately recognize some contributions of Chicago economics [9].

Wisdom from David Henderson [10].