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Some Links

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George Will says that raising the minimum wage is a good idea if…. [2]  Here’s his closing paragraph:

If the milk of human kindness flows by the quart in your veins, so you should also want to raise the minimum street charity: Take moral grandstanding oblivious of consequences to a new level by requiring anyone who gives money to panhandlers to give a minimum of $10.  Beggars may not benefit, but you will admire yourself.

David Henderson weighs in, over at EconLog, on The Economist‘s weak economic case for the minimum wage [3].

Speaking of the economics of minimum-wage legislation, Ben Powell (a GMU Econ PhD) reminds us that Dr. Krugman was a more careful economist than is Mr. Krugman [4].  (HT Bob Murphy [5])

David Henderson also exposes a truly inexcusable case of media bias [6].

Steve Landsburg reflects on the glories of democratic compromise [7].

FEE offers these two selections, both touching on the right to self-determination, from the writings of Ludwig von Mises [8].

The continuing calamity that is Obamacare. [9]  (HT W.E. Heasley)