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Some Links

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Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby is inspired by the recent 80-hour-long disappearance of his 16-year-old son, Caleb, to reflect on the importance of civil society [2].

James Pethokoukis reflects on the decline of economic freedom in America [3].

Marty Mazorra reflects on Paul Krugman’s reflections on income inequality [4].

Doug Bandow reflects on political inequality [5].

Jim Dorn reflects on minimum-wage legislation [6].  A slice:

Proponents of the minimum wage argue that those workers who do retain their jobs will consume more, which will increase aggregate demand and increase GDP.  But that line of argument is a case of upside-down economics.  Consumption is not a determinant of economic growth; it is the result of a prior increase in production.  Workers cannot be paid what they haven’t first produced.

David Henderson reflects on Jonathan Macey’s new book, The Death of Corporate Reputation [7].

Bob Murphy reflects on Paul Krugman’s incivility and inconsistency [8].

In his new book, my Mercatus Center colleague Paul Dragos Aligica reflects on the deep insights of the late Nobel laureate Lin Ostrom [9].

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