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Some Links

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Arnold Kling reviews Charles Calomiris’s and Stephen Haber’s Fragile by Design [2].

Daniel J. Smith and Laura Grube – both young economists trained at GMU – explore the political economy of disaster aid [3].

Marty Mazorra understands dignity differently than does Paul Krugman [4].

I did not know that Lenin was a prohibitionist.  (I’m not surprised, however.)  Bryan Caplan explains [5].

George Selgin explains that, in matters of monetary policy, the really dangerous mistake is central banking [6].

In yesterday’s New York Times, Greg Mankiw explains what should be more obvious to economists, namely, that very rich people in market economies typically deserve their great wealth [7].  Here’s Mankiw’s concluding paragraph:

Unlike the superheroes of “The Avengers,” the richest 1 percent aren’t motivated by an altruistic desire to advance the public good. But, in most cases, that is precisely their effect.

Not surprisingly, Paul Krugman raised objections to Mankiw’s column [8].  Mankiw responded [9].