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Some Links

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Greg Mankiw is rightly unimpressed by Paul Krugman’s presumptions and style of argument [2].  Here’s Mankiw’s opening paragraph:

Today’s column [3] by Paul Krugman is classic Paul: It takes a policy favored by the right, attributes the most vile motives to those who advance the policy, and ignores all the reasonable arguments in favor of it.

I wonder what the executives at Dow Chemical Co. think of Marty Mazorra’s proposal that Uncle Sam ban the exportation of acetone [4].  It’d naturally be a gas to find out!

Richard Rahn exposes the reality of anti-money-laundering surveillance [5].

Mark Perry helpfully edits the Washington Post‘s post.tv episode entitled “Here’s how you support the Koch brothers” [6] – the same post.tv episode that prompted this letter from me yesterday [7].

Speaking of the Kochs, my former teacher Randy Holcombe reflects on their civic engagement – and on the too-often-cliched calls by Famous People for civic engagement [8].

And here’s Rob Bradley on Charles Koch on cronyism [9].

Bryan Caplan reflects on the origins of “market socialism. [10]”  (The excerpts in Bryan’s post from Oskar Lange suggests that, had he lived long enough, Lange perhaps would have – and certainly should have – endorsed at least the thrust of Bob Higgs’s account of regime uncertainty [11].)

Shikha Dalmia reflects on racial preferences [12].