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Some Links

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This coming Wednesday (June 11th), Sheldon Richman will conduct (under the auspices of the Future of Freedom Foundation) a free webinar entitled “Work! [2]

My Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy documents that many government programs (such those conducted by the Export-Import Bank) yields losses rather than profits [3].

I’ve yet to read most of this new collection of articles, from the Manhattan Institute, on inequality.  But what I’ve read so far is quite good [4].  (So far I’ve read only James Sherk’s paper on the alleged decoupling of worker pay from worker productivity.  It’s truly excellent.)  I plan to read the full collection carefully.

Sarah Skwire analyzes Francis Spufford’s Red Plenty [5].

Marty Mazorra reflects on the absurdity of Uncle Sam slapping high tariffs on Chinese-made solar panels [6].

Skikha Dalmia isn’t impressed with Pres. Obama’s interventions into the market for higher education [7].

Historian Burt Folsom writes on Barack Obama vs. James Madison [8].