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Some Links

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My former Mercatus Center colleague Jerry Brito has just launched Coin Center, an organization “Dedicated to developing and advocating sound government policy toward digital currencies and blockchain technologies [2].”

David Henderson celebrates [3] one of the many new additions to the prosperity pool [4] – a pool filled by bourgeoise-led innovationism [5].

From 2006: Michael Strong advises that we forget the World Bank and rely instead upon Wal-Mart [6].

FEE is now putting on-line different sections of Henry Hazlitt’s great 1946 volume, Economics in One Lesson [7].  Here’s a section entitled “Can Unions Really Raise Wages? [8]”  (And here is an abridged audio version narrated by Hazlitt himself. [9])

This new Hotnomics video argues against raising the minimum wage [10].

And speaking of wages, my friend Sandy Ideka has more on the matter [11].