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Some Links

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George Selgin explains how the Fed helped to fuel the housing bubble that burst in 2008 [2].  (Scott Sumner offers here [3] his thoughts on George’s case.)

‘The Koch Brothers are up to no-good again!’ is how some people on the political left bizarrely interpret Charles and David Koch using their – the Kochs’ – money to lobby against government policies that would swell the Kochs’ companies’ bottom-lines [4].

John Tamny explains that the best way to ‘redistribute’ golfer Jordan Spieth’s wealth is to let him keep it [5] (or, rather, to let him – not the state – spend and invest it as he, Spieth, sees fit).  Ludwig Lachmann would agree [6].

Pointing us to a fine Forbes essay by Wayne Crews, Alberto Mingardi ponders the EU’s antitrust investigation of Google [7].  (Antitrust’s history and practice in the U.S. reveals unmistakably that antitrust ‘policy’ has from the beginning been a cleverly camouflaged platform for rent-seekers to thwart competition [8].)

Also weighing in on the EU’s persecution of Google is Bill Shughart [9].

In this video, Bret Swanson explores Moore’s Law – and celebrates its consequences [10].

There’s never been a safer time to be a kid in America [11].  Truly.

John Graham explores the claim that Obamacare has reduced the percentage of Americans without health insurance [12].