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Some Links

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Tomorrow (Sunday) I’ll be a guest on The Bob Zadek Show out of the Bay Area (9am PDT; 12pm EDT).  (The show is broadcast on San Francisco’s KKSF 910 AM [2].)  The topic will center around the new book I edited and published by the Fraser Institute, What America’s Decline in Economic Freedom Means for Entrepreneurship and Prosperity [3].

Speaking of this new book, my frequent co-author and former student Liya Palagashvili is interviewed on the radio regarding the book, to which she contributed a splendid chapter [4].

Jason Kuznicki explores that connection between choice and happiness [5].

Citing the work of regular Cafe patron Jon Murphy, Mark Perry explains that increased imports and higher trade deficits in the U.S. – that is, more valuable stuff for Americans to consume and increased investment in the U.S. – are not economic bads [6].

Speaking of Jon Murphy, he uses here the occasion of Hayek’s 116th birthday to reflect on minimum-wage legislation [7].

David Henderson explores the contours of free speech [8].

The more one learns about the history of labor unions, especially the history of their political influence, the more one is repulsed by them [9].

The poor in America are getting richer [10].

Bob Murphy has some informative fun with people who do not understand trade [11].  (Bob’s post reminds me of this Cafe Hayek post from 2005 [12].)