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Some Links

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As we approach the ten-year anniversary (which falls on June 23rd) of the infamous Kelo decision, my GMU colleague from over in the law school Ilya Somin writes [2] about his new book, The Grasping Hand [3].  (It’s a book that I am very eager to read.)

This Friday’s Stossel (FoxBusiness) explores “social justice [4].”  In one segment of that show I discuss with Stossel the argument that slavery was necessary to launch capitalism.

For those who doubt that the itch to rule is but a very short and easy step away from the demand to tyrannize, Walter Olson has some evidence for you [5].  In this case, it’s evidence featuring U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI).

Jeff Tucker explains that markets outperform government at making us safer [6].

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby is unimpressed by Sen. (and presidential aspirant) Bernie Sanders’s (non-existent) grasp of economics [7].  A slice:

Blasting greedy billionaires and sneering at the multiplicity of deodorant brands “when children are hungry” appeals to a slice of the electorate. But populist rhetoric from a “humorless aging hippie peacenik Socialist” (as Sanders was once described in a New York Times Magazine profile [8]) doesn’t fill empty food bowls. Market economies do.

Here’s Merrill Matthews on yet another unsurprising misfortune of Obamacare [9].