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Some Links

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My former student Liya Palagashvili writes in U.S. News & World Report about a recent discussion on Capitol Hill of the decline in economic freedom in America [2].  A slice:

The research cited indicates that the regulatory burden on businesses in the United States is increasing and, as a result, entrepreneurship is declining. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., shared his experience as a CEO of a plastics manufacturing company and explained that the multi-layered rules and regulation are an enormous cost of doing business. The decline of entrepreneurship poses a problem because a thriving business climate is necessary for long-term economic growth.

Over at Library of Law & Liberty, Alberto Mingardi discusses the late Andro Linklater’s new book, Owning the Earth [3].

David Henderson is even more staunchly opposed to conscription than was Milton Friedman [4].  (I agree with David.)

My colleague Bryan Caplan wonders where have all the minarchists gone [5].

Deepak Lal reflects on Magna Carta [6].

Ben Zycher rightly calls for an end to government interference in the trade of crude oil [7].