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Some Links

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George Leef rightly explains that eminent domain is unjustified even if, by some metrics, it “works. [2]

John Cochrane brilliantly and wisely takes apart Larry Summers’s recent case for the minimum wage [3] – and, in doing so, Cochrane demonstrates beautifully the fact that the best service that good economists perform is to ask probing questions [4].

Donald Trump is a hypocrite.  (Stuart Anderson explains [5].)

Katie Allen, writing in The Guardian, helps to calm the fears of Luddites and others who worry that technological advances are ruining life for ordinary people [6].  (HT Amir Weitmann)

Speaking of technological improvements, Mark Perry has more good news [7].

Recent GMU Econ PhD Abby Hall explains that “a growing body of literature is illustrating that private forms of governance have been, and continue to be, an important way of organizing human behavior. [8]