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Some Links

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Abby Hall (GMU Econ PhD, 2015) explains the importance of property rights [2].

Ilya Somin, a GMU colleague of mine from over in the law school, warns against warning labels [3].

Jerry Jordan reviews David Stockman’s book, The Great Deformation [4].

In this new Mercatus Center working paper, economists G.P. Manish and Dan Sutter explore the interesting connection between cronyism and the supply of innovative entrepreneurs [5].

Iain Murray points out that financial markets have long been a source of the benefits of the sharing economy [6].

Angus, over at Kids Prefer Cheese, helpfully summarizes four important negative theorems from economics [7].

I just learned from Alberto Mingardi the sad news that the great economic historian Nathan Rosenberg died yesterday [8].  I second, by the way, Alberto’s strong recommendation of Rosenberg’s 1986 book (with L.E. Birdzell), How the West Grew Rich [9].  It is a treasure.