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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Sarah Skwire is confident that Carly Fiorina isn’t much concerned about Donald Trump’s misogyny [2].

Nick Gillespie explains that Bernie Sanders’s hostility to more open immigration and to free trade is the product of ignorance with an ancient and none-too-pleasing lineage [3].  There’s absolutely nothing that is genuinely progressive about a nativist mercantilist.

Richard Rahn rightly admires the Swiss [4].

My colleague Alex Tabarrok reviews Gary Becker’s biggest mistake [5].

Sally Satel joins the debate on the proper role of bioethicists [6].

Elaine Schwartz explains that choosing to ‘do good’ – and succeeding in the effort – is not as easy as it sounds [7].

Larry McQuillan summarizes the sorry trend of freedom in America [8].