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Some Links

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My GMU colleague Ilya Somin pleas for a more humane policy toward refugees [2].  A slice:

By blocking most German Jewish immigration, the US [in the 1930s] and other western nations became partially complicit in the injustices inflicted against them. The US government was not just standing by and doing nothing in the face of Nazi oppression; it was using force to actively impede victims’ efforts to save themselves.

David Boaz reminds me that in 1985 the late, great Paul Heyne penned a splendid response to the First Draft of the U.S. Bishops’ Pastoral Letter on Catholic Social Teaching and the U.S. Economy [3].  (This pastoral letter is the same one that sparked today’s Quotation of the Day [4].)

Creighton University econ professors James Bailey and Diana Thomas explain, in this new publication by the Mercatus Center, that government regulation too often dampens entrepreneurship and suppresses competition [5].

John Tamny draws an important economic lesson from Mad Men [6].

Who you gonna trust on the economics of international trade: Milton Friedman or Donald Trump [7]?

James Pethokoukis describes Deirdre McCloskey’s defense of market capitalism as “perhaps the most powerful” one you will ever read [8].  There’s a great deal of justification for Pethokoukis’s assessment.