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Some Links

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George Selgin, writing at Alt-M, continues his analysis of the Fed’s policy of paying interest on member banks’  excess reserves [2].

Consistency in thinking on the margin is among the finest traits of the good economist; the marginal value of such thinking remains quite high.  David Henderson explains [3].

Speaking of David Henderson, he recommends this essay, in Reason‘s February 2016 edition, by Brian Doherty on guns [4].  I second David’s recommendation [5].

This month’s “Liberty Matters” discussion is centered on a lead essay by Georgetown University law professor Randy Barnett on the great Lysander Spooner [6].

Tim Worstall reflects on Jeffrey Clemens’s latest research into the employment consequences of minimum-wage legislation a government policy of pricing some low-skilled workers out of jobs in order to artificially boost the wages of other workers [7].

What percentage of U.S. taxpayers who make it into the top 400 are there for only one year before falling out of this super-high-income group?  Mark Perry has the answer [8].

Have economists only just recently become concerned with questions of inequality and justice?  My colleague Pete Boettke has the answer [9].