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Some Links

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Like Cato’s David Boaz, I enjoyed the Dowager Countess Grantham’s brief against the dangers of the state unchecked by countervailing powers [2].

Richard Rahn is right: socialism is coercive [3].

Mark Perry wishes Happy Birthday to a 35 year old, still state-of-the-art consumer electronics product [4].

Larry McQuillan argues that it’s time to privatize federal lands in the U.S. [5]

Although I rather like National Review‘s dismissal of Donald Trump’s candidacy, I must confess that Ira Stoll scores some solid hits against NR‘s effort [6].

College students – undergrad and grad – who are especially interested in the environment, here’s a seminar opportunity for you [7].

George Selgin writes on the founding of the Bank of France [8].